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Originally Posted by HIS4 View Post
Well, according to the specs, the cutout diameter of the SWS-10 is about 203mm. The total diameter of the Elate 9 is 222mm so it seems like they are pretty close in size. The Diamond Audio HEX S10 is slightly larger at 236mm cutout diameter and 266mm total diameter. The RE SL10 is about the same as the Diamond so maybe those two are a little too large to fit.

That Elate 9 enclosure says vented so I assume they made another IB enclosure for it and are venting it out the side similar to the OEM. It seems like they are actually using it for midbass rather than a subwoofer because the car has a sub in the trunk.
Cutout diameter of the SWS-10 is 224mm, the Morel 9 is 192mm.

That Elate 9 is being used as midbass not only because there is a dedicated sub in the trunk, but if you check its specs its resonant frequency (Fs) is 40Hz, which in effect make it not that great for sub use anyways. There is no Fs stated in the SWS-10, but I think that they stated its Fs as Fo by mistake (28Hz); that will compare with the Elate 10 Fs at 32Hz.

I will start by doing some simulations between the SWS-8 and the SWS-10 and see what max volume I can use under the seat for the best response.