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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
So far, a sub in the trunk and a swap of the OEM woofers with SWS-8 or the Audio System AX 08 BMW 20cm Subwoofer (in Europe) is the best way to get both a stronger and better sub and mid bass in our cars.

There are ways to install bigger subs under the seats, which I'm currently looking at. I tried the trunk sub thing and I'm really don't like to compromise the trunk space, and the central location for woofers in the E9x is perfect for some custom job and still be effective and stealth.
I myself have been looking at several options from 9"-10" subs. The 9" subs I'm looking at are made for IB applications so that is a definite possibility but the 10" subs are sealed box subs which require 0.6 cu ft of air space so that might be a little difficult to obtain in the under seat locations.

What subs have you been looking at to get under the seats.
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