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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
If that's the only difference, a pro body shop should be able to make all that go away relatively inexpensively. I would assume swapping the entire bumper would cost more?
The only difference is the reflector. A bodyshop could modify the bumper but it would cost more than you might think (~$200-300) and would never be the same as a factory part.

Originally Posted by UltimateBMW
I can see ordering a Euro front bumper easily exceeding $600. Plus paint. So if you look at it from another perspective... would you pick a $600 reflector delete option? I wouldn't, while it might be annoying it certainly isn't such a bain that I'd shell out that kind of money to fix it.

Just paint the reflectors and tell people its front PDC!
European bumpers can be ordered painted. I don't recall the exact price for the E46. $600 +/- $150 sounds about right. The factory bumper can be resold for a few hundred most likely reducing the net cost.

In terms of the more general question of why, my response is: different strokes for different folks.