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Originally Posted by 1001 View Post
when the warranty is over then its like 3000 i guess. For example if the clutch needs to be change every 30k miles, then that means only for first clutch is covered under warranty and the next ones are on your own and if i put about 1000 miles a month on the car then i need to pay 3000 to change the clutch every 30 months. i just want to know after how many miles does the clutch needs to changed so i can decide either a m3 or a c63.
Like I said, it's not a wear item that you should have to change under 100K. They are wet clutches INSIDE the unit and are not serviceable. By the design I can infer that BMW never expects that they will wear out or need servicing. In 5-7 years we may come to find out that under certain conditions they were wrong. Either way, my advice to you is to get an extended warranty if you plan to keep the car outside of 50K. The parts for this car are not cheap and they will break if it's anything like the E46M3.