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Originally Posted by AndrewAZ View Post

Now lets contrast this to say bottled water.. Sells for $1 the plastic bottle costs less than 10 cents and the water less than 2 cents... So on each bottle of water they are making a killing compare to oil.

Man, seriously stop comparing oil to bottled water. It's like apples and oranges. People don't *have* to drink bottled water, there are plenty of alternatives including tap water. You tell me another resource (and don't say ethanol because that is a pipe dream) that we can fill our tanks and go to work with. Oil industry is the largest monopolistic price setting industry in the world (OPEC anyone?). End of story. There is NO free market within the oil industry and thus no supply and demand in the traditional sense. The demand is variable but the supply is always always fixed depending on how much the profiteers would like to benefit at any given time.