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Originally Posted by samchoi604 View Post
The N20 is such a fine engineering beauty. It is a true upgrade to the old I6 N52. Unfortunately, the N55 is not much of an upgrade to the twin turbo N54.
I disagree, there's a reason I waited 2 months for my N55 135i to be built when I could have taken home an N54 that same day. It's a clearly superior engine, and the sound is just absurd. I fall in love with it all over again every time I put my foot down, can't say the same for all the N54s I've driven.

Also, and this is definitely nitpicking, but the N55 did not debut with the LCI 1 series but came out the year before. Mine is a pre-LCI N55 powered 2011 135i, 2012 MY cars got the LCI refresh.