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Originally Posted by NikB316
Long boarder,
I'm still a year + away from something new and like yourself 6 months into my FI M3. I have come to the same conclusions as you regarding AWD being necessary for high HP cars. I think I'm at my comfort limit with the M3. I am pretty set on a UGR TT Gallardo. 1500awhp. 3 second 60-130 times and 8 second 1/4. Would be amazing if they could do this in the R8 as I agree with the Gallardo being flashy...just so hard to beat that type of performance. 911T is definitely an option and if I'm not trying to go balls out straight line the new GT3 with PDK sounds amazing. I've been so set on a UGR TT Gallardo that I think I'd be wanting one if I got something else. Nice choices to have
UR has same engine upgrades for R8 V10 as the G...they may differ a little but the core engine is the same. You just see the G run these times because the Lamborghini will be preferred by most over the Audi.