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Originally Posted by Longboarder
Hi. Thanks guys for the input guys. I should have also mentioned that I don't like attracting too much attention which is why a Lambo is not a good choice for me personally. The P-cars and R8's don't attract as much attention here in OC...but thanks for mentioning this as I now recall the Audi is the same motor in the Lambo's and they've had tremendous success with modding in their platform. The engine bay configuration must be different and not sure how much room there is to get a turbo/centrifugal in there.

Glad AMS has a product now for the R8. Heck, maybe an R8 v8 with the turbo's would get me to my goal. ??

I'm intrigued by the R8. I will definitely ask for questions and do some research, particularly as companies are beginning to mod them. I'll post up my research from time to time.
I know that AMS and UR only do work to V10s. Stasis has a 560HP supercharger for V8. Hefner makes 625HP for V8 with twin turbos.