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Originally Posted by Ice350 View Post
Porsche guys complain the 911 has become too soft.
BMW M guys are complaining the cars are becoming too luxurious.
Where does it all end.
In the wallet, of course.

For years people scoffed at Lexus for being too luxurious and soft.
Now Lexus are becoming better drivers and the Germains are becoming more luxurious.

As for me, I enjoy driving sporty type cars with low profile tires that hug the pavement...but I want the ride to be smooth in case it is an extended drive.

So I'm not bothered by smoother riding cars as long as they respond when it's time. Thats the trick, building a car that satisfies everyone. Hard to do.
Manufacturers don't make a lot of money building specialty cars that do one thing well and thats it. At least not on that model.

The Panamera turbo comes to mind. It fast, luxurious, handles well for a car its size and can seat four. Thats a money maker. Thats what everyone wants to copy.
You're right, the world's on its ass. Up is down, left is right and BMW is making luxury vehicles that cater to the masses. Even the M's. Business is business.
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