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Originally Posted by kotik View Post
^ huh?

I had my car up to 337km/h (209mph speedo), and it get there quick (redlined 6th gear). I know there are cars out there that will do that, but very few. I'm sure a modded GTR a modded 997TT, and prob some other ones, but a few. So i'm looking for an array of strong cars that I prob shouldn't mess with.

SRT8 neon? never heard of those, I'm pretty sure neon's are srt 4 (8cyl vs 4cyl see). I know about charger/challneger SRT 8, and I know there are couple of them that are supercharged.

I have seen couple of modded silvia's, and old GTR's. I'm sure you can make an old GTR 1000hp (and to that extent you can prob get 1000hp out of a civic too). How about a lightly modded 997tt? Lightly modded gtr? I was watching a vid from moscow, and the guy had a 600 kit, said he is dead on with SLR mcLaren up to 330km/h.

I'm not saying i'm the fastest car in germany (by any means), but I think a SC'ed M3 can hold it's weight.
I meant SRT4. lol Sorry about that and after being in HPF M3s, I usually compare BMWs with those beasts. Still think a supercharged M3 although is fast just so many faster cars out there.