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Originally Posted by E90SoFlo View Post
Lol no I think that's the truth , it was censored and I think you're proving my point.

People are trying to make it wrong to have a difference of opinion if it's against gays or blacks! But they are allowed to say anything, insult, belittle and then call you close minded.

Obviously the sex statement was an extreme to prove a point to scotch considering he wanted to talk about gay people.
I brought up the gay thing because I was honestly suprised to see you back here posting. And like I said, it's not your opinion of gays that stands out (as your opinion is shared by many), it's how you compare everything you don't like in politics to those who support gay rights.

There are two things going on here:
1) Your personal opinion of gays and homosexual behavior, which I feel is your right to have; but at the same time, those who think that being gay is an innate orientation from birth will call you a bigot, and you need to accept that.
2) Your attempt to take away the personal rights of others. The existence of homosexuals and the rights they seek has zero impact on your freedoms and way of life. Therefore, your vocal opposition to the rights of gays to have equal freedoms is a real problem.