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Cool thing about religion is if your don't believe in it, nobody cares.

Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Hey, gay-basher's back! For the umpteenth time, there's no such word as "raciest", it's racist.

Now moving onto your point, what is it again? What's a "white man's religion" or a "black man's religion"? Your comment is nonsensical. You seem to be missing the distinction between those who want to discuss Romney's religion and those who want to claim that Obama's falsifying his religion.

What's more, it's primarily the religious-right who's proclaiming that Mormonism is a cult. Us democrats don't give a rat's ass about one's religion, except when politicians use their kooky bible interpretations as a basis for civil law.

I will go edit my post so that everything is spelled correctly so that you can understand it scotch. and Im sorry you're so offended in my beliefs that a man and women should be together and have children rather then two men "making love" transferring HIV to each other. If you have a problem about it, I don't care.

Ill break it down for you for you to understand.

White man (Romney) is mormon, everyone(that supports obama at least) is criticizing and complaining and bring up his religion.
Black man (obama) Got elected and NOBODY even asked what religion he was, where he was born, what school he went to, really nothing. All they cared about was getting FREE HEALTHCARE, and the US government paying their bills.

oh and "change"

Obama supporters BASH BASH BASH Romany's religion, if I or anyone else bash obama's religion, or pretty much anything to do with obama we have to listen to fanboy's like you tell us how he is the allah. Furthermore you, and others would say That i am "racist" (spelled it correctly so you can understand Scotch) because he is black and I am criticizing him and I am white. lol

once again, i really don't care if you like living in an economy that we are in, it sucks.

THEN you're group of "supporters" will call me close minded because I have beliefs that are not that same as yours and I'm not willing to change them to accommodate yours, making ME close minded..

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