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Originally Posted by PoorMan View Post
LOL A 4 year old sports car eh? One that could have been used by multiple owners. And being a sports car, was probably driven to hell and back. Probably endured spills, farts , sexual acts and who knows what else..

Wear and Tear.. Ya ever hear of it?

Just because your a cheap ass who never buys new..Don't force your ways on everyone else..

You should just quit posting, your advice rivals that of a fucking moron... Oh wait. I've dealt with your ignorance before in other threads. Just because I'm a cheap ass? Or just because I know how to propperly screen a car for abuse and other forms f mistreatment. You go ahead and pay $12,000 more because you don't know what the fuck to look for or how to go about buying a car. Oh wait this is just more e90post douchebaggery... Please shut the hell up before your retarded statements get soaked up by an innocent bistandard.
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