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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
If you want advanced replacement for a defective part it is common not only with car parts manufacturers but almost everything now that you will pay a deposit with the understanding that you will get refunded once the defective part is received. As far as being responsible for shipping, that seems to be 50/50 among manufacturers. I don't see any problem with the way LUX handled it. Your downtime is partly your own fault for throwing away the OEM lamps if you knew as soon as you connected the LUX that something wasn't right.

If a part is defective, its defective. it's 1 not 2 which eliminates the fishiness of being scammed. You send a new one out and you trust that it will come back. Why? Because the customer trusted the Vendor will send the product once the $250 was paid.. It should go both ways.

Don't create biased answers based on your good experience with them, I am glad you had good experiences IT SHOULD BE THAT WAY.

However if this happened to most of you - If you were new to forums and buying a product online, and trusted the forum,

I am sure you wouldnt want to send more money for them to hold especially knowing they sent you a defective peice. Notice that the people defending them bought from them in the past.

I wont be responsible for shipping - thats for sure.