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Issue with LUX Customer Service

Please tell me if I Am wrong?

Situation: I purchased Lux angel eyes H8 V3 a couple weeks ago. I received them last thursday.

Super Easy Install. However 1 Transformer was sketchy. It flickered as soon as it was connected. There was no butchering, nothing, I have valid photos and videos of the flicker I sent out to LUX for proof. I tried it on the other headlight and it still flickered. Conclusion: Transformer is dead.

I tossed out the yellow ones cause they are gross IMO. Now I am stuck driving with a flickered light thats completely dim. Its annoying.

I emailed Lux like 4 times they finally got back to me today saying ship back bad one with warranty, Warranty? I am a new customer. So they need to see it diagnose then send me another 1 in 10 days??

I drive my car to work everyday. I told them please accomodate, they came back emailing pay us 125 deposit for good faith? then we will refund once u send out old one. ?? Plus I have to pay shipping, this is absurd.

Now please tell me if I am wrong, why pay $125 in good faith when they have 250 of mine , they OWE me 125.. so they want me to hold $375 on my money while I only have 1 good transformer???

Does this make any sense? what if they send me a botched one again? I dont get this at all. Its just 1 transformer and I sent two videos, what else does he need?