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Originally Posted by Jrollsp View Post
Absolutely nothing!! I wish I got a M3 when I was 16 but instead I got a hand me down from my parents. Enjoy your car!
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I hope you drive better than you spell.
Originally Posted by ferrari4evr1 View Post
I think the general consensus is that if you’re a teenager driving a $60K+ BMW M3, then, you probably have rich (or well-off) parent’s and\or you live at home with them. I'm not saying this is you...

Most parents may see that this doesn't give their child the value of money or other values (most cases, not necessarily yours)...

So, generally speaking, parents wouldn't buy their kid a $60k+ car, even if they could afford it....
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Guys, obviously I'm kidding. I for one, was a teenager who received a fast car and fell under the general stereotype. My gracious parents purchased me a 2006 STi when I was 17. I went around a turn too fast in the rain and as you guys could guess, I totaled it. However, luckily since then I haven't been reckless like that and haven't crashed since. Having generous parents isn't something that should be frowned upon, but then again I am on the biased side. Fast car, or slow car a kid can find a way to be reckless in it. My kid will get a 3 series or something similar for his first car, God willing I'm well off enough to afford one at the time. Nice car, safe and not too fast.
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