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I agree with a lot of the guys on the this thread. My when my mother was a child in Africa, she used to sell peanuts and fruits to people off the street and in offices to afford money for food and school. She studied hard and was on the verge of giving up because she didn't have much to pay for school. She became a believer of Christ and continued to push forward. Graduated 1st place of her class and moving to study in France. Then moving to the states to get her masters in accounting. Today she has a well known company in the tri-state area and makes well over 300k a year. She can choose to spoil me but she doesn't. She wants me to work hard as she did to achieve success and I totally see where she is coming from.

I used to work at a grocery store when I was 16. Summers I would ride the metro 2 hour round trip to detail cars of BMW, Honda, Volvo, and Infiniti of Fairfax, Virgina in the blazing heat. I used to cut my neighbors grass weekly for money. Now I work for an electrical company from 6am to 2pm waking up at 4 leaving by 5 and driving 2 hours round trip to work. Sometimes they even put me in at 6pm to 2am. I did all this to buy my 328 all by myself

Op, show her that you have to work hard life. It will make her stronger and much more appreciative.