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Originally Posted by xtose92 View Post
Im a few months shy of turning 23. I've been behind the wheel (legally) since I was 15. To this date, never had an accident..knock on wood.. I've wanted an m3 since I was 13, when my fascination w cars began .. My dad told me no when I was 16 when he got my first car, bc he knew its potential and because he didn't wanna be that dbag parent how dropped 55k on his kids first car (e46 m3 was in the showroom at the time).
To this day, I still don't own an m3..but am getting very close ON MY OWN , and he still refuses to believe its a car for me, bc Im his only son. I don't have kids, but if I did, I would raise them the same. He cares about my safety and wants me to learn the value of things and a work ethic.
OP...Long sorry short, if u dont want to keep the M for yourself, get rid of it, or garage it. But a kid has no experiance or understanding of a Car of that magnitude. If u say it's fast..what do u think she's going to say??