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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Since Alex @ Gintani rarely comes on the forums and answer the questions himself, you and your friends become the defacto spokesmen for Gintani. Gratuitously attacking other companies is probably doing irreparable harm to Gintani. You really don't see ESS customers, or AA customers, or other company customers on the forums taking gratuitous attacks on other vendors. It's exactly what got Lemans_Blue and JonMartin banned here before.

This is why I believe it does irreparable harm to Gintani to have these types of threads -- not because of what is said (that's all fair game), but because of how it's said, and by whom says it. People sitting on the fence and considering Gintani products will take one look at a thread like this, and say "I don't want to be associated with "THAT" crowd." So instead of attacking people like LBM for talking strictly about FI designs, and instead of attacking other vendors who aren't even a legitimate target of these gratuitous attacks, think about how this hurts the company you're trying to help. I'd prefer Alex to succeed or fail based on the strength or weaknesses of his product, not because he loses sales due to his vociferous devotees.
This statement is very true. Sad really, because Gintani has some real quality products. But at times some of the hardcare Gintani followers just leave a bad taste in your mouth. I doubt the individuals actually care, but what PG said has some real truth to it.