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Originally Posted by JasonCSU
Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
That's a very naive view. Once an infrastructure is in place it will get abused. Maybe this administration, maybe the next, but no mistake - someone will. Take the IRS scandal for example, whoever is in power will abuse the system to target political enemies. It's bipartisan too. Or take the NSA scandal... storing your data, scanning your email, etc... you might be fine with that now, but you'll never know what will get used at some point against you. Maybe you are comfy with living in a police state, but I'm not. Information and data is power.

I've had this same discussion with some of my friends, and many of them have taken the same stance that if they have nothing to hide, why should they care what kind of data mining the government does on them. That attitude completely boggles my mind. I really don't understand why people are so willing to give up their personal privacy these days.

On a related note, I was out at lunch today where many of the local food trucks gather during the summer. There is always a large crowd there and while waiting in line, I noticed a small quad-rotor helicopter flying around the area. Of course, I have no idea if it was someone's personal remote control toy, or if it is a tool being used by the Denver PD. I really wouldn't be surprised if it was being used by the PD to monitor the crowd, as there was a recent shooting in this area during the lunch rush.
In afraid the point has been missed our freedoms are being eroded every year. This idea of the govt having your best interest at heart is only reasonable to believe until they force shit down the general populations throat. At that point of many bites I the shit sandwich do we eat while sliding down the slippery slope into totalitarian style regimes ( neo fascist and communists) where when your neighbor tells on you even if it a lie you goto the interrogation room without any presumption of innocence and no trial and no recourse ? History repeats itself, and all the laws are in place for it to repeat here at home. So if I have nothing to hide I shouldn't care ? Yes however NO because the people give an inch the tyrants take a mile.