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I'm getting some new tires next week, and have decided to paint my wheels black while the wheels are free of rubber. In order to do this, however, I need to get the car up off the ground for a couple days. I know I've seen someone on here use 4 jack stands to lift the car while changing the exhaust. What's the proper way to lift the car? I've pulled A wheel off and had one corner sitting on a stand for awhile, but never all four and I don't have a clue as to how I should go about lifting the rest of the car.
The M3 is low enough that it will probably require two jacks to do this.

You can lift the entire front by jacking up the center jacking point under the engine - it looks like a hockey puck with a big bolt head recessed in the middle. It's on the cross-member below the engine. On my car, I have to lift one side of the car first to create enough clearance that I can get my jack under the cross member.

Once you have the front lifted from the center, just put stands under the side lifting points.

For the rear, once the front is in the air, just lift on the body of the differential. DO NOT LIFT ON THE REAR COVER (the thing with the cooling fins). The round bottom of the diff (forward of the cover) is cast iron and should be protected by a block of wood, but it's ok to lift on.

Put stands under the rear jacking points, and you're done.