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from another thread to keep things on topic

Originally Posted by lucid View Post
I wish they stopped focusing on trunk lids and came up with low cost CF external door panels as those things weigh a lot; the Ericsonn stuff is way to expensive. Did you ever go for the Braille battery by the way? I read that people have been using them with their Z06s without problems. I am thinking about going for it...
Door panels may have safety requirements... though I am not really sure. Also the condition of doors when you sell your car is extremly important. Many appraisers look very closely at whether the bolts have been removed, so I wouldn't mess with it.

The battery... i did want to get it, but I am just concerned about the fuse box. Look at doba's picture and you can see that the fuse box barely fits... I really don't want to short something...

Just a short while ago, i was determined to loose the weight on my car, but now i think it's just not worth the money... you've got to spend at least $10-$20k to loose perhaps 200/250 lb with lighter wheels, body panels, exhaust, brakes, etc... and again, when you sell your car, aftermarket parts are worthless to dealers, so you'd have to spend all the money/time taking them off and part-out...

hence, i thought i'd save some $$ for a used 07 GT3 that has a power-weight ratio of ~300hp/ton from the factory (vs. ~250hp/ton for M3) cheers.