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Originally Posted by asifali14 View Post
Looking to tint my e93 - all windows except the front. What do you guys think is a fair price to pay for good work?
It really depends on what kind of tint you are looking to do: metallic, dye, ceramic. Going by what you want (all windows except front windshield), metallic and dye tints usually go for $200 to $300. Some ppl have had issues with metallic tint interfering with navigation and V1. A dyed tint has less heat rejection (IR) compared to a metallic and ceramic tint. Ceramic tints generally cost more at around $400 to $500 but it is the best when it comes to heat rejection, gives the windows a glossy look, and doesn't interfere with navigation.

There are tint priced in between such as Winco (available through Madico) which has good heat rejection due to high IR rejection/absorption and is a dyed tint. The negative about this tint is that it has a blue tint to it and is a pain in the a5s to apply, so a good installer is needed.

V-Kool 70% is also available (I think Auto Mall Tint carries it). It is also expensive but has good heat rejection (better than Huper Optik's ceramic tint) that people like to put on their front side windows since it looks almost invisible (due to Cali's tint laws).

If you go ceramic, just go with Pinnacle F1 series tint available at Rocky Mountain Tint. IIRC it is $400 and the best ceramic tint out there. Huper Optik has too much hazing going on at the darker tints which looks bad, especially for an expensive tint.

If you go with dyed, maybe you can try Madico Charcoal series, Llumar, or 3M.