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Great write up!

I can feel the anticipation, the excitement of delivery, and the satisfaction of ownership. Very cool!

Two items within your compelling story really caught my attention.

First, you've had a chance to drive a 'proper manual' (with a foot operated clutch and a gear selector lever) back to back with a dual clutch automated manual. What do you like about each one?

Second, you wrote:

The gentleman later asked to drive the M3 when I parked it after driving the road course. He did three laps, got out and said, “That car would kill me, but I already love it!”

Was this your car or the delivery experience car? I don't think you took your own cars out on the track, but if you did I'd be most interested in the 'on track' differences you noticed between 6MT and DCT, including gear ratios.

Cheers, and thanks for sharing!