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I'm finally home after a crazy day out down to Plymouth. Mad motorway weather, saw couple of crashes on the way.

Yet I still drive my M3 in this weather!

Anyway, just a quick review, not time to upload images/videos etc. I'm shattered.

So the mod, as planned.

- replace perforated pipes with solid pipes
- leave small pipe wrapped
- dead dog stays in
- chopped centre resonator / secondary cat out, replaced with solid straight pipe

all done at once. Result, mega loud above 3000rpm and not too raspy. Below its fairly bog standard, tiny bit louder, no drone in 6th gear crusing 60-70mph. Sounds very normal. but if you put your foot down or rev it with heal 'n toe. Its super loud. LOVE IT!

Before all I can hear is the engine / induction in Sport+ mode, but now I can hear the exhaust from the back and the engine noise together - very special sound! And almost dominates the front sound that you can hear before.

Also it pop's when I lifted off in third gear 4-5000rpm. Like a really loud pop. Mental!

Sounds a little bit like american muscle car engine though.