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gt3 is n/a, rwd. it's what you've seen in GT competition for over a decade

gt3 r/s is the limited version of the GT3. stripped of its what few luxury features it once had, giving distinctive badging, two paint schemes and an intense diet. This is the race ready porsche of all race ready porsches

911 turbo is what's commonly referred to as the "luxury 911." Alot of the options of the 911 and 911S come standard on the Turbo. It comes with AWD and the turbo motor thats always the fastest 911 when it debuts. Automotive enthusiasts always debate between rather the GT3 or the Turbo is the Porsche to have, and usually the GT3 comes out on top for pure driving pleasure. (enthusiasts have gone as far as to say that the carrera S beats the turbo in driving excitement as most refer to the S as one of the best cars on the market today. Not a knock on the Turbo, it's just a porker and a different animal all together.)

911 GT2 is THE 911 of all 911s. Its GT3 meets Turbo. You get the Turbo motor (which always seems to get beefed up for GT2 applications). You get RWD (which saves a WHOLE lot of weight compared to the Turbo). And you get the design features of both (for instance, the front fascia where the hood meets the bumper is a la GT3, and the LEDs are a la Turbo).They're always the most expensive and rightfully so. The joke about the last generation GT2 is that it's so extremely difficult to drive that MT couldn't recommend it, as they, themselves could barely keep it under control.

I didn't know this until a while ago, but the 993 GT2 was the fastest 911 available until the 997T was produced.
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