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Originally Posted by JamieA
Hey lucky you were in a safe car, glad to hear you are ok.

While we are all sharing airbag stories, a supplier of Dads used to have one of the early E36 3's that had airbags when I was a teenager. He was driving a client in the car and the passenger airbag went off unexpectedly and broke his arm!!

You would be absolutely mortified wouldn't you!?

Suprisingly, he still got the business! Has made me wary of them ever since.

First, really glad you're OK. Accidents SUCK!

As far as airbags go, I never had one go off, but wish I had. Was in a '58 Mercedes, pre airbag, damn even pre seatbelt I think, and got hit head-on.

Put a head-sized hole in the windshield--with my head, of course. Without getting too much into gory details, got my face ripped open and my knees jammed into the dash.

I was indeed mortified! I'm a life-long fan of seatbelts and airbags.