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What Can Be Done To Increase Engine Noise In Cabin (Without Voiding Warranty)?

I posted a similar thread in the past but I'm starting this new one, as it's slightly different. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding how to increase the engine noise in the cabin WITHOUT voiding warranty or doing anything too dramatic? I have a 2013 E93 M3 and I'm finding that I very much miss the engine noise that my old E46 M3 Convertible had in terms of the sound level (I'm guessing it has been reduced by 50%+ on the E93 due to much more noise insulation).

After reading some threads it seems as though replacing the air filter isn't an option, as that voids the warranty (because they provide them for free as part of the free maintenance). My goal is to hear more of the engine under light load and below 4k RPMs, as I find that the sound deadening is just too well-done by BMW for my liking (I would much prefer to hear more of the engine!). Under heavy loads/acceleration/above 4k RPMs the sound level is ok.

Is there some way to do the equivalent of removing the resonator on an exhaust to help increase engine noise? I know that doesn't make any sense with regards to the engine but it's more the idea of a simple delete that would reduce any noise reduction under the hood or between the hood and the cabin? I hate to say it but I would have been happier if BMW used its lame solution for the M5 - simulating engine noise via speakers, something I'm convinced they will do for the next M3 due to the turbo setup.

I will be doing the non-perforated exhaust mod to help a little I'm guessing that won't do as much as I would like, as it seems to increase cabin noise by about 10-20%. I'm trying to hit the 50%+ mark but I don't want to replace the air filter or do anything that will likely void the warranty...

Thanks in advance for everyone's help and Happy Thanksgiving!