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Originally Posted by Puckmaster
Our roads are so shitty! You gotta keep your head on a swivel for sure. But, I just couldn't wait any longer.
Lightweights, I've been slamming around all winter lol.

I am tying to get details on PCAN 94 but nothing is out there. 133.9/l but there was no stock yet so it wouldn't pump.

Some info here to start about ethanol in fuel from their website. All fuels now have min 5% ethanol.

Ethanol-blended gasoline is a fuel that typically contains up to 10% ethanol in unleaded gasoline. We use ethanol in our gasoline where legislation requires its use and where conditions warrant. The Federal Government has regulated that motor gasoline sold in Canada after Sept. 1, 2010 must contain an annual pool average of 5% ethanol. Different provincial mandates also exist, some with higher ethanol pool requirements. Because of these mandates, most grades of Petro-Canada fuel may now contain up to 10% ethanol. This represents a change from the previous state, where premium fuel was ethanol-free at Petro-Canada. To find out if ethanol-blended gasoline is sold at a station look for the yellow labels in the pump area indicating that the fuel may contain a maximum of 10% ethanol.

Tactrol is our exclusive deposit control additive that acts as a detergent to clean and prevent the build-up of harmful deposits. Tactrol is used in all grades of Petro-Canada gasoline — including RegularClean, PlusClean, SuperClean, Ultra 94, and WinterGas™.

SuperClean and Ultra 94 come fortified with an extra dosage of Tactrol — so it can actually remove stubborn deposits, help restore your engine's performance, and keep it clean.

No other company uses Tactrol except Petro-Canada.