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Exclamation I'm having a lot of problems loggin in & out

When I enter my login credentials I can click the

Also, when I try to logout, I never know if it will work (I click on top left on username, then the drop-down to select "logout". Like right now - I've tried it 3-4 times on a different browser and it just won't log out while I can log in/out on another browser with different accounts. It just took 8 tries before I got a prompt saying " says" "Are you sure you want to log out"? Cancel or OK
While trying to log out I was browsing the site with the same browser (and account/username) and it was loading perfectly as it was on other browsers (I'm trying on 4 browsers to make sure it isn't my end).

Now, this time when I click the login button, nothing happens. The browser doesn't show it's trying to load anything, no spining icon (loading) - nothing. I tried 4-5 times before it worked.

Earlier I found the only way I could log in was to not have the "remember me" selected. This has been happening for 3-4 days now and I had to create another account b/c my old account would just not log in & there was no option to reset password.
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