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Originally Posted by watrob View Post
Listen smart a**e I have owned 27 BMW and I had a hand made 850 V12 Ci Manual 6sp made by the BMW Motor Sport Division. A M3 fully optioned up in Autralia as you know is $210,000, so you can guess what the 850 cost.

And for that price you should get what I said in my previous post. I don'y care what you pay for your car its what I paid for it and for $210,000 I can hop on a plane come to your house, steal your brakes and put them I my car.
I have about $750,000 worth of cars in my garage and the BMW is the only one with s**ty looking brakes and exhaust.

And tell me what better model in the range comes with these brakes, the 135?

I have better brakes on my 1974 FJ40.
Wow what an attitude.

Almost no one here cares how many cars nor how many BMWs you do/have owned. We don't care how much you paid for them either. This type of attitude will not get you any respect at all. Don't you realize how much of a shallow braggart you sound like from such posts?

I can read between the lines to hear you are concerned about performance but you really seem obsessed by looks over performance. As much as I am convinced that the brakes are a bit of a weak spot on the new M3 you need to learn and accept that bright colored paint, nice looking calipers and multiple pistons have almost NOTHING to do with actual solid brake performance.