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Originally Posted by gtlexec View Post
So the question I have for everyone is why does the 135i come with these really impressive 6 piston BMW front calipers while the M3 does with a single floating piston?

Hell, even the rear caliper on the 135 is a two piston set-up versus the M3!

What's up with that? I thought the M division was to offer the best that BMW had to offer!
Read up. This has been discussed to death on the forum. The bottom line is that sexy colors and multiple pistons are very low on the list of things that actually matter in a brake system. Case and point the sexy looking (but very cheap/low end) Brembos on the 350Z. Those brakes pretty much such. I don't have direct experience with the 135i brakes but I suspect they are not as powerful nor fade resistant as the M3s stoppers. They are there primarily because of looks, what the competition is up to and marketing.