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Long bump on this thread but I came to a 99.99% conclusion that it is NOT my diff...

I began to notice fender rubbing marks on my tire (passenger rear)(where my original complaint was)

I aways noticed them (after I installed brand new All Season Continental DWS tires) but never though anything about it since I always though it was the diff..

The other day I cleaned my car, took her for a drive and on the same drive where I hear the noise I heard it again stopped it went outside and I saw rubbing from the fender..

I have 15mm spacer in the rear now BUT it was happening before the spacer on brand new tires also... AND its only passenger rear side, my driver side is fine..

So now Im even more confused of the whole situation.. If it is really "tire rubbing" only on that side (suspension look a tad lower on that side as well) could be a weaker strut going out or spring or??

Picture for reference:
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