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Rear tire rubbing noise?

Hey guys so Ive been having this problem for a while but its on and off. Little backround story to understand better.

2011 e90 ZCP completely stock.
Back in September my right wheel bearing went out and went to replace it, the shop then ended up not connecting the axle properly and it snapped on me trying to launch the car.

Shop fixed the mistake and its been good since then.

Got new tires around Christmas time, still everything good.

About a month ago, I would get this occasional tire rubbing noise (thats what it sounds like) on the right side rear(where bearing was replaced as well as axle)

The problem is it does not happen All the time.. Taking turns normal driving no noise everything normal.

When i make a tight right turn going over a bump or road hump i would get the noise and sometime when I go over the same bump the same way (my driveway entrance) I get no noise...

I still need to take the wheel out to check it out if I can see something but any suggestions from you forum members?

Greatly appreciated.. Thank you!