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Originally Posted by FDfranklin View Post
I know but giving my self a specific meal a day that is low on calories will help with the rest of the day is what I was getting at,

I bought some fruit for breakfast and some baby carrots with (low fat) dip for lunch. Still deciding on dinner.

I'm going to try as hard as I can not to eat out at all during the weeks anymore and maybe just once on the weekend.

I honestly rarely go over 2000 calories a day, I think my metabolism is just completely shot lol trying to figure out some kind of exercise I can do before I go to work, gf has an elliptical but I feel that does not give me a work out when I do it.
I know it sounds like a weird concept, but you don't need a jump rope to get the cardio effects. Try just doing the motion...

I like to have a larger breakfast and eat lunch a bit early - this prevents a lunchtime binge.

Regarding dinner, try a serving of Fish, Steak ( I usually go Round Eye cooked rare), or Chicken. I'm not a fan of pork, just don't like the taste.

Add heaps of broccoli and maybe try making your own Sweet Potato Fries.

PS. Do not be scared of eating fat (Olive Oil, Cheese, etc.) Eating fat does not make you fat. A caloric surplus does.

You should be consuming .45g-1g of fat/lb each day.