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Originally Posted by mixja View Post
I have 15F/12R Macht Schnell with Eibach and I feel it gives the perfect look if you still want the car to look stock. The H&R and RDSport lower the car too much to pass for stock, and anything > 12 in the rear also won't pass for stock. You could probably go wider in the front but you probably don't want to alter the difference between the front track and rear track too drastically from stock.\

Depends on what look you want - I was after the subtle aggressive rather than the all out aggressive look...when I get a chance I'll post up some pictures...

In terms of handling, car feels more planted and turn in is more positive, definitely better IMO. Haven't noticed anything with turning circle either. Haven't had any issues with the spacers at speed either, as long as they are installed correctly and you use a top brand like Macht Schnell, all good...
Pictures as promised - 15F/12R Macht Schnell, Eibach Pro springs (0.8" lower in front, 0.6" lower in rear)