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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
To them I always say that we have more fun. I like to hear my engine, who wants glass and a roof in the way of sonorus pleasure!
Yessir, I love the jet fighter sound that the vert produces with top down and After Market exhaust.

It's a whole experience in itself that only vert owners get to enjoy.
Originally Posted by Sebringjetta View Post
i just hope that car and cage never sees a serious wreck at the track....looks like a autopower cage...and those usually dont end well...
And yeah, most bolt in cages wont hold up and at serious speeds, they are good for slower drift events at the best. but I would rather have that then no roll over protection haha.

I really wanted to see what it looked like in an E93 though, I would do a weld in much thicker if I decided to go ahead with it.
First "real" widebody M3 ever thread.