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Originally Posted by cs4444 View Post
"Teams tital is Audis for sure"?? BMW RBM has out scored Phoenix racing in the last 3 races to the point were RBM is only 3 points behind, and considering Farfus (from RBM) has won the last two races it is VERY possible to win the teams title, and constructors title in Hockenhiem.

I also wouldn't go as far as to say BMW is under performing. Lets not forget BMW has 4 victories this season while MB and Audi have 2 each. Over the course of a season a lot of it comes down to luck. While Audi has been consistent/strong, so has BMW, but BMW hasn't had the best luck. Farfus retired from 2nd at Brands hatch due to a transmission failure...if he finished that race the drivers championship would be far from over. Whittman retired 3 weeks ago, by sliding off track in the rain from while fighting for 1st/2nd. And Bruno has been taken out by rivals or crashed out of 3 or 4 races...Im not taking anything away from Audi, but clearly if BMW didn't suffer from some crucial DNFs, it would be a very different story.
I'm not ragging that much on BMW, and I hate Audi, but the fact is, the results from the BMW teams have been erratic, other than farfus we've not acheived that much... Audi had 8 cars in the Top 10 -- that's ALL their cars in the points at Oscherslaben... what ever the reasons for the points gap, the fact is that Audi are ahead at the moment, and the "bad-luck" that has beset BMW can still strike in the last race.

Don't get me wrong, I pray it doesn't... but for BMW, this year is not great.