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Originally Posted by rmmcdaniel View Post
I experienced the same thing numerous times so I asked my service advisor about it when I was in swapping out my summer and winter tires last fall.

He immediately asked two questions:

1. "Does it happen all the time or only after you haven't driven the car for awhile?". I told him it was only after I haven't driven it in a while (I travel full-time internationally for work so my car sits not driven for weeks at a time).

2. "What area is it coming from?". I told him it sounded like the rear, driver's side wheel well.

He smiled and said nothing was wrong, that the noise is from the parking brake disengaging once the car starts rolling after releasing the pull handle, and that noise is a result of the break being engaged for a long period of time. He said BMW started using a new mechanism on some models a few years ago that make this noise when engaged for an extended period of time, and they get frequent concerns from customers about it.

This discussion I had with him was last fall and since I have monitored when the noise occurs and it is always after the car has sat for several days at a minimum. If I am driving the car regularly it doesn't make the noise.

I trust he knows what he is talking about as he drives/races an E46 M3 himself (right or wrong, that builds credibility with me!), knew about the M-DCT lag issues and software updates when I showed up with the SIB early last year and was very helpful getting my software updated without hesitation (unlike most other service depts that had no clue about it and treated customers that showed up with the SIB like they were idiots), and has always treated me with respect when I bring in info from this board and others.

I assume this is the same noise all of you are hearing. You might want to ask your service depts about it the next time you are in.

Hope this helps!
Hi. This is very interesting that I find out that I'm not the only one who gets this noise. I figured out by now that is a problem with the handbrake. That's how I found this tread searching handbrake problems. So I've seen rmmcdaniel post about the handbrake staying too much pulled. I also travel internationally a lot and my car stays parked in the garage weeks at the time. But now I have a new problem, my handbrake dosen't work well anymore, when the car is parked its fine but when I pull it while the car is rolling dosen't block the rear wheels anymore and only slows the car a little. I'm thinking that the pads insinde the rear drum wear out since I use more the handbrake for drift initiation.