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Originally Posted by casa5t View Post
@Finnegan....yeah, I know you are right and I should wait to it just breaks, but that damn rattle is driving me nuts! thanks....
I hear ya! Had a rock caught between the pad and rotor on a rented SUV out in the middle of nowhere on a logging road in New Mexico The thing sounded for the world, with it's rhythmic scrape scrape scrape (warped rotor) sound, like a dying wheel bearing. Not something you want to hear 50 miles from anything on a deserted back road. Even though I knew it was a rock it drove me nuts for about 50 miles while I thought every now and then "what if I'm wrong and it is a wheel bearing"? (Stupid thing stopped right when we got back to "civilization") Then poof it was gone (one tough rock I guess). So, I totally get the sound driving you nuts thing, and rattles are the worst.

Maybe it's a piece or pieces of disgruntled "A'a" lava! That stuff is a real SOB--it would be just like it to cause all of this trouble.

Still, I think you've on to something trying Footie's rattle removal method. Can't really hurt (unlike a trip to the dealer) so it's worth a shot. Let us know what happens either way!