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Originally Posted by roycemek View Post
As a possible alternative I found these two tools for BMW motorcycles for removing their coil packs and the procedure looks similar.
The xxxx237 tool might fit our coil packs (the other is too small), but I don't see how we could remove at least the rear plugs with that; not enough space with the strut wall. BUT what we could do is cut off the big a$$ handle and we could use a screwdriver thru the hole to pull them out instead . And that would definitely work even on the rear plugs. How can we find out if that tool works on our coils??? You got my curiosity going. I rather avoid marring the coils with a screwdriver and pliers if possible.

And as far as the tool part number, it might be correct, but only authorized dealers can order them? We need to ask Tischer. We should be able to order them, but I don't think it'll be cheap man. And for using it once, it hardly makes sense. I like your other alternative better . Let's find out if it fits. How much is that, by the way? And where to buy? Thx.

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