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Originally Posted by Kartelli View Post
Its my first DIY, be nice!!!
You did great . You just forgot to mention the passenger side PCV valve has to be removed as a minimum. And you still have to be patient to wiggle the plenum to clear the strut bar. And I'll try using 2 plastic pry tools I have that look perfect for the job of removing the coils (very sharp 'V' tips to slide them under, and no damage at all).

And as a comment, I skipped your step #12 . This engine is a beauty to keep all hidden; it's like wrapping Miranda Kerr in a freaking burka, rather than a bikini . Plus not having those pesky spark plug covers will make removing the plenum again (or changing spark plugs) much quicker. Yes, it was a b*tch removing that blue crap from hell BMW put on those bolts, but the OCD in me wanted a clean look. Engine looks awesome now:

And this is how the engine looks sans plenum: