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^ how do you like the Diavel? or is that maybe an obvious question given your comments above LOL.

Not sure I understand that bike. I didn't have much interest in that bike after seeing it and sitting on it... and I even like Ducati's. The rear tire looks wider than necessary which I'd presume would make the handling worse. Looks mean though.

Took a ride tonight in my area. These damn warm temps do not make my air-cooled bike too happy when having fun or hitting stop lights around town.

On a separate note: I posted pictures early in this thread from the trip I recently took in Europe... but here is a little video I put together on one of the many mountain passes (Passo di Manghen in Italy).

Thought I'd share... the camera is shooting off the back of the 1200S Multistrada I had on the trip. My dad is chasing behind me.

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