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Originally Posted by unique View Post
hey man do you have any friends bro?? im just curious, like you go to a pretty decent school (pepperdine), and you drive a pretty cool car, like does anyone like you??

I mean on all of my threads where you bash me there was atleast like 20 guys who vouched for me and my credibility to be a descent human being. But not one person here has voted you as a cool cat.

I really want to meet up with you..

I was not going to go to bimmer fest but now I am.... I will be in the orange porsche with a big sticker on the side saying "Sticky where the fuck you at"

Its Mfest that is coming up you fucking retard.

That way you can meet up with my sooner than bimmerfest, as you so desire, right?

The question you should ask yourself, is if anyone wants YOU here. Other than people who are just you posing under a different name in order to give yourself props
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