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Originally Posted by unique View Post
you are my age, and you go to college, you came on most of my threads and bashed me for being in school. you are a hypocrit, i am not going to get started and i dont care, you got banned for being arrogant, and also the biggest HATER on this forum.

Want to meet up and tell me that face to face. I have no problem meeting up with you and would love for you to be smart in front of me.

You come on all of my threads and you threaten my reputation, if no members recognized my car I would not care, because I would be some user on the internet that NO one knows. But since my car is seen and recognized everywhere I dont want to get out of my car and people are going to say, "hey thats unique, the guy who modded the crap out of his m3... he is a dick" because that is not the case, you said misleading things about me when everyone who has met me will vouch that i am a stand up guy. I am sorry that you are miserable with yourself..

so do you wanna meet up?
I'm 5 years older than you.

I GRADUATED college.

I am not hard to find. I'll be at Mfest, I'll even hang out in the arcade with you for a bit since you are too young for the casino floor.

All I have seen, is people calling you an idiot. One person, who's bills your father paid, stood up for you as he wants to continue to have your business.

I got banned because I dumped on you without having to say "suck a dick bro, ROFL, word, bong tokes all the time, cum in your moms mouth bro" and you bitched and whined to the mods about it.
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