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I train for various sporting events and need to drop weight and fat periodically, while building strength and cardio. It is tough, especially when getting < 10% body fat.

This is what I recommend.

1. Download myfitnesspal and input EVERYTHING you eat, and add every bit of exercise you do. Be honest, put it in accurately.
2. (Optional) Get your BMR and bone density, muscle mass measured. Otherwise just use an online calculator. Add it to myfitnesspal.
3. Note that 1kg of fat is approximately 30000kJ. Therefore, based on the above you must be in deficit by at least 30000kJ to lose 1kg of fat (not water!).
4. Try to maintain a diet that sees you about 1500kJ to 2000kJ in deficit a day, not consistently more in deficit otherwise you'll burn muscle or get too cranky. This way you'll drop about 1kg every 2 weeks. Take a multi vitamin.

Get your family / friends to help you stay on track. Your diet will sort itself by remaining in only slight deficit.

If you want to crash weight loss, consider carb cycling... but it's not a 'beginner' way to do it.
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