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Originally Posted by SpencerM3 View Post
Ok, so now that we have a pretty good idea on what the car is going to look like, what do you guys think it will be priced at?

I know these conversations are generally worthless since everyone has their own opinion and typically those opinions range from in price of about $20K, however I want to see if you could possibly get some cohesion.

The only published report is what Car & Driver said yesterday which would have a base MSRP of around $55K. That sounds relatively good to me. We know it will have a higher MSRP than the E46, but really how much higher? Most E46 after being well spec’d out came in around the $57-$62K. so if we are to assume that option prices will stay relatively true (which they seem to have from the E46 TO E90), I think you can assume that a well equipped E92 will likely come out somewhere around $65-$68K.

"Well spec'd" is subjective. The sport package wasn't available until the last year(s) of production to boost sales. IMO nav is a waste of money for most of us. Most of these cars are not used extensively for trips and/or business. (I'd rather spend that money on a good coil over suspension.) So, for comparative purposes a well optioned E46 was roughly $56k-$57k. But, I do agree with your guess for the most part; maybe a couple a Gs less.