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Join the Marines, do some skill MOS until you reach Cpl, take the DLAB and ace it, make sure your ASVAB scores are really high, lat move into Counter-Intelligence, get sent to DLI for Farsi, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, or any other hot language, finish off an enlistment or two, and then apply.

Or you could take the easier route and learn one of those languages and then try to weasel your way in. What exact sort of position are you looking for? The CIA technically employs people in all kinds of capacities, from clandestine agents to engineers.

Also, having smoked pot in the past was not a problem for me when I was looking into it. However, I'm not sure if my specific military background and existing TS/SCI had something to do with that.... As far as I know, the automatic DQ is if you've used drugs in the 12 months prior to your submission, and any use prior to that is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If your portfolio is good enough, they won't give a half a shit that you smoked bud in the distant past.