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Originally Posted by Foodle View Post
Exactly. I thought I was going to get a test drive in today, but the dealership sold the car before I got there. It's getting damn hard to find them in my area. Called my local dealer and he said that there are only 5 allocations left in the US. We're looking to steal one of those , but I'd really like a test drive before plunking down my cash.
What are you waiting for -- seriously, sh*t, or get off the pot Unless you really need the space and have money to burn, not sure why the M5 would be in the picture. It's a great car, but not going to have the handling feel of a 3 series. I have a friend that has drank the ZHP coolaid like you (no offense). I test drove one a few years back, and almost bought one. It really was a nice 3 series for the time, but it's not that much better. I ended up buying a "normal" 330ci which I had for a couple years, then got into a 335xi 2 year ago. Other than the rocket fueled engine, the 335 didn't seem like that much of a step up over the 330ci, and handling was worse IMO. The M3 is seriously in a whole other league. It feels like 2x the performance, for maybe 20% more cost. Also, as a longtime 6MT owner, DCT rocks (but I guess that would be the same between the two choices). It makes it so much easier to keep the M3 in its powerband.
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