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Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
It's complicated for sure but changing consumer demand of the typical BMW owner, euro emissions/FE targets and autonomous driving technology.

When BMW teamed up with Apple about ten years ago, it was the beginning of the end sorta speak.
actually the thing i meant is not that deep though.. im a designer but im seeing things with ordinary eyes from costumer side.. the first things you notice when you sit in a car steering wheel, dials, and dash.. they were really odd till 3-5 years ago.. its still odd if its not a M or M packed car.. dials i mean gauges were like came from 90's which they really were.. recent ones are still optional.. i had an E46 M3 for more than 2 years.. you were not expecting any other touches to the car and that era or that design cause the whole car is plain and neat.. its just like a nice plain dish.. but the other day we were looking a car for my gf i ve seen X2 for the first time.. yeah it looks like GLA which doesnt mean its bad and it was looking like a facelift of BMW itself.. but when you sit in the car.. steering wheel leather is not good, they re still putting small screen like a watch even my M3's screen was bigger than that.. and more importantly.. after disappointing i wanted to adjust the seat.. and what.. it was analog.. its a brand new car, year is 2018.. its a premium car and the price is higher than GLA biggest rival of X2 without even adding bigger screen etc.. this is not right.. you can put an analog seat in a M car for weight saving etc. but for average user ll need that.. it might look small but there are lot of things like this and it needs to be fixed already before its too late..